Am I speaking correctly?

Yesterday, I posted a ‘Monday morning tip’ on my Facebook page about conversing and conversation and how it was about not to worry about if you are speaking right or correctly. I said that perhaps too many people learning a language worry if they say the wrong word or say the wrong meaning when talking with people over different subjects. I think when learning a new language it is a very natural worry that you are afraid to make mistakes or perhaps think that people are not going to understand you, but when we speak in our own natural mother tongue do we worry about such things? Perhaps too much emphasis is put on worrying about saying the right thing when we should make sure that people are responding to us. So, we all make mistakes in our natural language, my husband frequently tells me off when I pronounce a word wrong or get the tense confused (I was a child of the 70’s when they decided you didn’t need to learn conjugation of verbs and plus I lived in Devon, enough said!) but if the person you are speaking to understands you and responds, then you are having a conversation and if you make a silly mistake with the wrong tense or the wrong pronunciation of a word it is not the ‘end of the world’, next time you will remember and then improve that word, phrase or sentence. After all, we all need to speak in life and why make it more difficult than it already is, just relax and speak, then conversing comes easily!


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